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Loosing Documents after application change
~Elizabeth Elgerosonli 12/10/2003 10:19 AM
Applications Development 6.0.2 CF2 iSeries

We have a large crm database on our domino server (6.0.2CF2 ISeries). In this database all crm related information were stored. Using LEI 6 we have a connection to our RDB System. The notesdatabase is in usage from many people arround our country by Lotus Notes replication (W2K R5.0.11). As the database growed too large, I decided to split the one database in many small ones. The old database is still existing as a navigation frontend, but all important documents are stored in different db's.

This week on monday I have started to split the database in many small ones.
1. By LEI Archive activities I moved e.g. the contact information in a seperated address database.

2. Afterwards all people where informed to install the application new. (We have an automated procedure. 1. delete the old db in the filesystem. 2. create a new replic.)

All the installation steps seem to work fine.
The next day I noticed that the addressdatabase was "loosing" documents. When I moved the documents there were round about 3000 docs. This morning I left with 4 docs!

Does anyone hav eany idea what is happening here? I do not use any space saver. We use reader fields for controlling access to the informations. (But the readerfields where filled correctly in the moved documents!)

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